Precautions For Using Lithium Ion Batteries

- Jan 31, 2018-

Lithium ion battery has high energy density and average output voltage. Self-discharging small, good battery, monthly under 2% (recoverable). No memory effect. The operating temperature range is wide to -20℃~60℃. Excellent cycle performance, fast charge and discharge, charging efficiency of up to 100%, and output power is large. Long service life. Contains no toxic and harmful substances, known as green batteries.

For batteries, normal use is the process of discharging. Lithium battery discharge need to pay attention to several points:

First, the discharge current can not be too large, excessive current led to the internal heat of the battery, may cause permanent damage. On the phone, this is not a problem, you can not consider. The larger the discharge current of the battery, the smaller the discharge capacity and the faster the voltage drop.

Second, never discharge! Lithium battery internal storage power is by electrochemical a reversible chemical changes to achieve, excessive discharge will lead to this chemical change irreversible reaction occurs, so lithium battery most afraid of discharge, once the discharge voltage below 2.7V, will likely lead to battery scrap.