Instructions For The Use Of Mobile Power Supplies

- Jan 31, 2018-

Mobile power output voltage range, some devices, although there is a USB interface, but also requires you to use mobile power supply. However, you should pay attention to the input voltage range of your device. If your device requires an input voltage range that is not within the range of the mobile power supply, it is recommended that you do not use mobile power to power your device to ensure the life of your mobile power supply.

The USB connector must match, because each USB cable corresponds to a different device. So, to use the mobile power supply to power your device properly, use a matching USB data interface.

Mobile Power placement environment, all types of electrical appliances need to be placed in dry, low humidity environment, and the humidity of the environment for all types of electrical appliances are not conducive to the preservation, so, for your mobile power service life, please try to put the mobile power in the dry environment.

Often use your mobile power supply, each month to the mobile power charge and discharge once, often used. Can maximize the service life of the mobile power supply.

Anti-Fall shockproof. Mobile power is actually a fragile component, the internal components cannot afford to beat. Especially to prevent accidentally landing in the course of use. Do not throw, tap or vibrate the power supply. Rough handling of the mobile power supply will destroy the internal circuit board.