Information On The Maintenance Of Lithium Ion Batteries

- Jan 31, 2018-

Charging should not be higher than the maximum charging voltage, discharge should not be lower than the minimum operating voltage.

Any time lithium ion batteries must maintain minimum operating voltage, low voltage over discharge or self-discharge reaction will lead to the decomposition of lithium-ion active substances destroyed, not necessarily can be restored.

Any form of overcharge of lithium-ion batteries can lead to severe damage to battery performance and even explosions. Lithium-ion batteries must be prevented from overcharge the battery during charging.

Do not often deep discharge, deep charge. However, after about 30 charge cycles, the battery detection chip will automatically perform a deep discharge, deep charge to accurately assess the state of the battery.

Avoid high temperature, light will shorten life, serious can cause explosion. If you have the conditions to store in the fridge. If the laptop is using AC power, please remove the lithium-ion battery bar, so as not to be affected by computer heat production.

Avoid freezing, but the freezing point of most lithium-ion battery electrolyte solutions is 40 ℃ and not easy to freeze.

If not, please store the 40%~60% charge. When the charge is too low, it may be caused by self-discharge.