Lithium- Ion Rechargeable Cell

This product is a high-performance lithium-ion battery developed by our company with independent intellectual property rights. which can be used in energy storage power supply, electric vehicles, and other fields.

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This standard describes the external dimensions, characteristics, technical requirements and matters needing attention of cylindrical lithium ion cells. This standard is applicable to cylindrical NH-32138-S lithium ion cells produced by JiangSu Ning Hui lithium battery CO., LTD.

Description of cell structure


32138S lithium iron phosphate battery shell is made of 0.5mm thick steel plate in one punch, with high mechanical strength. The positive and negative pole column is made of iron-nickel composite material, the end face of the positive pole cover plate is covered with insulating surface pad, and the shell is covered with flame retardant PVC sleeve, playing the role of insulation protection. The lithium iron phosphate battery of 32# series is equipped with explosion-proof valve, which can be opened in time when the battery is in accident, to relieve pressure and prevent explosion.

2、Connection and assembly

Make sure the electrode is clean and free from oil and dust before connection, otherwise it may cause poor contact and affect battery performance;

select the connector matching the battery model for battery test and connection during use;

Ensure that the battery electrode is tightly connected with the connector piece; otherwise, the performance of the battery may be affected;

Do not use metal to directly connect the positive and negative electrodes of the battery to short-circuit;

it is strictly prohibited to invert the positive and negative poles to connect the battery;

Definition of electrochemical performance

1、Nominal capacity

The nominal capacity Cap = 12500 mAh refers to the capacity when discharged at a rate of 2 hours at a temperature of 25+2.5℃ to a final voltage of 2.0 V.

2、Standard charging method

It refers to charging at a constant current of 1C current to a voltage of 3.65 V at 25±2.5℃, and then charging to a constant voltage of 3.65V. When the charging current is less than 0.01C, the charging is stopped.

3、Standard discharge method

Refers to a constant current discharge of 1C at 25±2.5℃ to a single cell voltage of 2.0V

Matters need attention

1.Don’t put the battery near the origin of heat, such as fire, heater etc. 

2.Please use the matched charger to charge the battery. 

3.Don’t convert the anode and cathode. 

4.There are safety features in the battery, in order to keep safe, do not dissect or change the structure of the battery. 

5.It is forbidden to connect the anode and cathode directly with metal. 

6.It is forbidden to pound, throw , trample the batteries. 

7.It is forbidden to put the battery into the water, or in the moisture place. 

8.If the battery are storaged without being used for 6 months,we recommend the batteries fully charged before using them. 

Shelf life 

1.The shelf life is 24 months since the production time. 

2.Our company is not responsible for quality inferiority or accidents caused by abuse operating or using which are not compliant with the specifications and instrutions. 


During the transportation, preventing the strenuous vibration, impact, exposed to the sun and rain, and keep the battery on a state of half-charged

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