Lithium Ion Battery For Backup Power Equipment

Lithium Ion Battery For Backup Power Equipment

​This Lithium Ion Battery For Backup Power Equipment is a smart lithium battery.

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This Lithium Ion Battery For Backup Power Equipment is a smart lithium battery. It adopts ABS fireproof material shell, internal anti-shock explosion-proof waterproof structure, and has power self-test and RS485 communication. The battery is a safe and ultra-high performance lithium battery. It uses copper-nickel composite nickel belts to connect the batteries, satisfying large current charge and discharge, which is safe and reliable. 


Our Lithium Ion Battery For Backup Power Equipment has a high cycle life and meets the values of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection value. Besides, it has the outstanding advantages of high quality, delicate design, long service life, environmentally friendly as well as high cost effective. This battery is suitable for electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, four-wheelers, etc. Our Lithium Ion Battery For Backup Power Equipment receives a good reputation among our clients worldwide due to high performance and high cost effective. 


Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

Nominal Capacity: 2600mAh


Dimension: Φ18*65mm

Max.Continuous Current: 2.6A

Max. 5 sec. Pulse: 5.2A

Cut-off Voltage: 3V

Charge Voltage: 4.2V

Recommended Charge Current: 500ma

Charge Time: 6 hours

Internal Resistance: ≤30 mΩ

Self-discharge rate: ≤3% per month


1. Quality Assurance: Class A high quality battery, high capacity, low internal resistance.

Support large current discharge.

2. Stable performance, long cycle life: 500 consecutive charge and discharge, battery capacity is not less than 95% of the rated capacity.

3. No memory effect, support charging and discharging at any time.

4. Safety: PTC resistance protection, explosion-proof.


High-end glare flashlight, portable power supply

Wireless data transmission, electric clothes, shoes

Portable instrumentation, portable lighting equipment

Portable printer, industrial equipment

Medical equipment, laptop, walkie talkie

Portable DVD, audio equipment, model aircraft, toys

Cameras, digital cameras, other electronic devices

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