Description:LFP Li-ion Power Battery with aluminum shell.

Product Details

Test conditions

1 Standard Test Conditions

Test should be conducted with new batteries within one month after shipment from our factory and the cells shall not be cycled more than five times before the test. Unless otherwise defined, test stated in this specification should be conducted at temperature of 25±2℃, humidity 45~85% and Test should be performed under standard atmospheric conditions with 86KPa~106KPa pressure.

2 Measuring Equipment

All equipment and equipment (including test equipment and instruments for monitoring and monitoring test parameters) shall be tested or met according to the relevant national verification procedures or relevant standards and shall be valid for the period of validity. All test instruments, equipment should have sufficient accuracy and stability, the accuracy should be higher than the measured accuracy of an order of magnitude or error is less than one-third of the allowable error of the measured parameters.

3 Standard Charge

The standard charge means charging the cell with charge current 0.5CA and constant voltage 3.65V at (25±2)℃, 0.05C cutoff.

4 Standard Discharge

The standard discharge means discharging the cell with discharge current 0.5CA and cutoff voltage 2.5V at (25±2) ℃. If required, the battery can be discharged at 1.0CA constant current to a cutoff voltage of 2.5V.


Battery for shipping should be packed in boxes with the condition of half charged. The Violent vibration, impact extrusion, sun and rain should be prevented during shipping. The battery is suitable for cars, trains, ships, aircraft and other transportation vehicles.

Storage and other matters

1 Long-term storage

Batteries  should be stored (more than 1 month) indoor with  a dry and clean environment  at  0 ℃~35 ℃. Avoiding contact with corrosive substances and staying away from fire and heat source. The battery should be charged and discharged every 6 months. The voltage for storage is between 3. 0~3.3 V (30 ~ 50% SOC).

2 Other business

Any matters not mentioned in this specification, shall be negotiated by both parties.

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