24V Bicycle Battery

The 24V Bicycle Battery is suitable for electric bicycle, electric scooter, EV battery, etc.

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This kind of 24V Bicycle Battery is equipped with a carrying handle, which is light and portable. It is made of ABD and PC alloy material, which can be easily lifted by girls. It uses battery anti-theft lock and humanized design, so that you will never worry about the battery being lost. It can work stably and reliably for a long time in the ambient temperature range of -10 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃. 

In addition, the 24V Bicycle Battery has a long cycle life. After 500 times of continuous charge and discharge, the battery capacity is not less than 85% of the rated capacity. It uses high quality batteries, with high capacity, low internal resistance, and can discharge large current. Besides, it has the properties of durability, high safety, small size, sophisticated design, reasonable price as well as high cost effective. The 24V Bicycle Battery is suitable for electric bicycle, electric scooter, EV battery, etc. 

Model: NY- 24V16Ah

Nominal Voltage: 24V

Nominal Capacity: 16Ah

Weight: 4kgs

Dimension: 80*90*310mm

Max.Continuous Current: 16A

Max. 5 sec. Pulse: 32A

Cut-off Voltage: 21V

Charge Voltage: 29.4V

Recommended Charge Current:4a

Charge Time: 5 hours

Internal Resistance: ≤ 50mΩ

Self-discharge rate: ≤3% per month

e-bike/e-scooter battery pack with SAMSUNG cell inside;

Cycle life: ≥800 times; 

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