LiFePo4 48V 200AH

CNNTNY li-ion battery lifepo4 48v AGV battery

Product Details

Product Description


Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity(0.5C,25℃)





Free Customize 


Three Pin Plug(Discharge)  

Dustproof Socket(Charge)

Standard Discharge@25℃

Max. Continuous Current


Cut-off Voltage


Standard Charge

Charge Voltage


Recommended Charge Current


Charge Time


Resistance and rates

Internal Resistance


Self-discharge rate

≤5% per Month

General Features

Assembly cell

18650  2500MAh

BMS specs


I mounted these inside the RV which saved 200lbs of weight from the trailer tongue.

They are incredibly powerful and seem to last more than twice as long even with heavy loads

such as the microwave and hair dryer.

They charge extremely fast also with very little absorption time needed to top off.

The voltage runs about 13V instead of 12V which allows less lower current requirements which

saves power from voltage drop in the wiring.

When they are fully discharged to 12V, they still easily start the 4KW generator

without any problem.

Best upgrade I've made to the RV.

Here are some Benefits to using LiFePO4:

1.Higher capacity for the same physical size of lead acid.
2.Can be discharged to 90% vs lead acid or AGM recommended 50% depth of discharge.
3.Can be discharged at high current rate without losing Ah capacity vs lead acid which

4.can be reduced to 40% Ah rating at high discharge rate.
5.Can be installed indoors with no hydrogen gasses generated.
6.Lightweight. About 1/3 the weight of lead acid.
7.Doesn't need temperature compensation for charging.
8.Installing indoors can reduce cable length which reduces voltage drop and power loss.
9.Installing indoors reduces risk of theft.
10.Installing indoors reduces tongue weight from the front of a trailer.
11.Output voltage is flat during most of the discharge cycle. About 13V
12.Output voltage is higher than lead acid which keeps electronics operating longer.
13.Higher output voltage reduces inverter current draw by approximately 10%.
14.Can be charged faster. Up to .5C vs .2C with lead acid.
15.Absorption mode is at the very end of charge instead of at a typical 80% for lead acid.

16.This drastically reduces charge time.
17.Can last many years (3000 cycles) vs approximately 2-5 years (300 cycles) for lead acid.
18.Holds a charge for up to 1 year (without a load) without the need for a trickle charger.
19.Higher voltage and higher current capability allows generator to start easier without low voltage lag.
20.Can be recharged at least 3000 times and retain 80% of original capacity.
21.Lifetime cost per Ah is about 10% of the cost of lead acid.

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We are a professional manufacturer of customized batteries pack and energy storage system.

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We accept terms of TT / Paypal / LC, etc.

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