12V 100AH Car Battery

​This 12V 100AH Car Battery has a large initial capacity and a high specific energy.

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Product Description

This 12V 100AH Car Battery has a large initial capacity and a high specific energy. The new alloy grid material patent technology is adopted to optimize the design of the product structure, their capacity is 5% higher than similar products. In addition, the 12V 100AH Car Battery is made of special low temperature resistant additive materials, so the battery can be used normally in the environment of -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. Both positive and negative plates use paste-type structure, with tight assembly process, small internal resistance, and good high-power discharge performance. 


Our 12V 100AH Car Battery adopts a new type of sealing structure to optimize the design, which ensures that there is no acid leakage and acid mist overflow during use. It is safe, reliable, and very environmentally friendly. The product is widely used in electric cars, golf carts, electric trucks, electric welcome cars, etc. 


Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity(0.5C,25℃)






Standard Discharge@25℃

Max. Continuous Current


Max. 20 sec. Pulse


Cut-off Voltage


Standard Charge

Charge Voltage


Recommended Charge Current


Charge Time

5 hours

Resistance and rates

Internal Resistance


Self-discharge rate

≤3% per Month

Cycle Life


General Features

BMS specs     


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