48V100AH Powerwall Battery Pack

Battery composition This product uses a single core 43184 lithium iron phosphate lithium battery through 16 strings of 5 and assembled, connected by connecting piece and screw into 48V100AH battery pack. The outer panel of the battery pack is insulated with epoxy board, and the assembled battery...

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Battery composition

This product uses a single core 43184 lithium iron phosphate lithium battery through 16 strings of 5

and assembled, connected by connecting piece and screw into 48V100AH battery pack. The outer panel

of the battery pack is insulated with epoxy board, and the assembled battery pack is connected with the

protective plate, and finally put into the battery box to complete the assembly.

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Battery Group Specifications



1. Product overview

This protective plate is used to use 48V specification UPS communication backup power supply for

lithium iron phosphate battery, including charge management, discharge management, voltage management,

equilibrium management, temperature management, current management and SOC management, so as to

ensure the stability of the lithium battery and prolong the life of lithium battery. On board RS232 uplink

communication and RS485 parallel communication, through the background monitoring system to get

BMU related information.

2. Basic characteristics

ARM low power processor;

Using professional battery management chip;

Support current limiting charging mode (maximum 20A, background adjustable);

Support RS232 communication;

Support RS485 communication;

Support 4 channel temperature acquisition;

Support for high and low temperature overcharge and overplay protection;

Support equilibrium function (equilibrium current >100mA);

Support SOC computing and calibration;

Support abnormal state dry contact output;

Support two level overcurrent protection;

Support output short circuit protection;

Support polarity reverse protection;

Support data storage;

Support alarm protection parameter backstage modification;

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48V100AH battery pack specs:


Nominal Voltage:48v

Nominal Capacity:100AH

Weight:appro 70kg

Case: iron(customized)650*480*260mm

BMS:Continues discharge 100ah; peak discharge 200ah;RS485,RS232.

Material:LiFePO 43184 3.2v20ah lithium battery cell

Composed type:16S5P

Cycle life:≥2000TimesDOD80%

Warranty:24 months

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